Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, little Miss Emily had contractions all through the night (25th) /early morning (26th). We went to the clinic so she could get checked and the verdict was 4 cm dialation, 80% effacement and "zero" station... For those not familiar, birth usually happens at a 10 dialation, 100% effacement and +4 Station - SHE'S WELL ON HER WAY!

We are now at the Barta household while Em is going through more contractions and trying to relax as best she can. Our guess is that we will be in the hospital sometime today.

More updates to come!


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Angie said...

Hi Em & Kev!
Thanks so much for keeping us posted! I am VERY EXCITED for you guys!! :) Just wish I was closer to home and could meet your new bundle sooner rather than later! Love to you both AND baby! Take Care! Love, Ang