Friday, August 22, 2008

Feeling good

One week from due date and I still feel wonderful. I still sleep a solid 8, 9, 10 hours a night despite frequent bathroom visits. We have been so lucky with August weather, not the normal August in Iowa. I am one of the lucky ones who have not had any swelling and my blood pressure is great. For those of you who see me often, you know I have worn high heels throughout the entire pregnancy. Until my last day of work last Thursday, I had on my 3 inch stilettos. Because I haven't been working, my heels have been replaced with flip flops which shocked my nurse when I came in for my last appointment. She didn't recognize me without the heels!

I've been off work since last Thursday so I've been able to fill some of those nesting urges although the nesting instinct has not kicked in full force yet. The nursery is ready to go aside from waiting for a changing table and some shelving to arrive. We're in waiting mode and getting very anxious to get through labor and meet the little one!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emily-- thank you so much for taking time to set up a blog. I will be checking daily for updates. I'm glad that the weather's been good too, for you and Kerri as well as for my own selfish reasons. Enjoy your sleep while you can! Love, Cousin Paula.